Jeremy Lawrence

Music Producer / Guitar


It takes incredible ears and keen observation to see an artist for who they truly are, bring that vision to life, and make a product that is commercially viable in today's music industry. Jeremy Lawrence has learned to do just that in the few short years in which he has been dedicated to recorded music. His move to Los Angeles in 2015 led him to produce three albums ranging from indie soul to pop. 2016 was the start of his placements on TV shows including Showtime's Shameless, Scy Fy's The Magicians, and Oprah Winfrey Network's Queen Sugar. His work has garnered him over 8 million online streams.


Today's music industry is a rapidly-evolving-pop-cultural vortex; Artists often find themselves swept up by a mirage of trends and are unable to fully realize their artistry in an attempt to be current. Jeremy has the coveted skill and unique ability to see an artist's authentic self and bring that vision to their audience in a fresh and exciting way. A true musician-turned-producer, Jeremy grew up on the undeniable recordings of classic rock before delving into jazz in college (University of the Arts). His stint in Philadelphia led him to neo-soul, gospel, and ultimately pop music. The end result is incredibly musical work with the depth of intimate communication.


Television placements